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Common Facts and Questions with Froese Concrete Ltd.

View our common FAQs to help get a better idea of what materials are best for certain projects, how Froese Concrete Ltd. operates, how you can expect your next delivery, and much more! Call or contact us with any questions or concerns.

PSI is a unit of pressure expressed in pounds of force per square inch of area. It stand for pounds per square inch. MPA is the metric unit for pressure or stress called megapascal. The term is used in concrete as the common unit for compressive strength.

A cubic yard is an imperial measurement and a cubic metre is a metric measurement. 1 cubic metre = 1.308 yards

Short load charges can vary depending on the amount of concrete and the distance to deliver it. Any amount under 3 metres will be subject to a short load charge.

Length x Width x Height of the area to be filled. With these measurements, we can help you figure out the amount of concrete needed.
Calculations and estimates are always free.

Delivery is included in the concrete price up to a 40km radius from our plant. Farther than 40km is subject to mileage fees.

This is completely weather dependent. We typically start using hot water in the fall, a few weeks before steaming the sand for winter use. Again, only hot water as spring approaches. Usually partial or full heating charges are applied November through April.

The smallest preferred opening for a concrete truck to drive through is 13 feet high and 11 feet wide. The truck chutes can pivot up to 16 feet including the 2 extra chutes at 4 feet each.

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